Naruto New Era

by Xander993
One of the best NNG rip, with unique stuff that you will never see in other game! The best friendly admins and updating almost every day!
if you need a host i'm able to host
I can host 24/7. I really love this game and Sufang's server keeps going down :/
Server may be a bit laggy because our hoster is actually having troubles with hes connection ... But don't worry, We are working on getting a 24/7 shell server 0% laggy to make the server run real-time ... By the time we fix this troubles do not forget to fan the game and stay alert of the cool updates that are coming up soon.!
Hi guys, you all may noticed that the game is pretty unstable right know because we don't find a really 24/7 hoster lagless and we are losing reputation ... so the server is going to be supported by a shell hosting ( not the best one but it's pretty good for now ) ... also a last pwipe were necessary because of some real time bugs and jutsus that were also making the server crash. but you are all going to be rewarded in the server after pwipe... keep enjoying this game and invite all your friends. "Main Owner"
Take your time to vote please.
When game come up again ?
Naruto next generation is bakc on a 24/7 server narutonextgenerationreborn
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