I'm trying to install the Byond commandline version on my Ubuntu 9.04 VPS with Putty. I downloaded and unzipped the files, but when I use the command make and after that make install (I thought that was the cmnd) this error appears:

[email protected]:~/byond# make install

if [ ! -d /usr/local/byond ]; then mkdir /usr/local/byond; fi

cp -R cfg bin man /usr/local/byond

if [ "" = "yes" ]; then \

          & nbsp;    chown root /usr/local/byond/bin/DreamDaemon; \

          & nbsp;    chmod a+xs /usr/local/byond/bin/DreamDaemon; \

          & nbsp;    if [ "" = "yes" ]; then \

          & nbsp;         & nbsp;  chown root host/host.dmb; \

          & nbsp;         & nbsp;  chmod a+xs host/host.dmb; \

          & nbsp;    fi \


ln -f -s /usr/local/byond/bin/DreamDaemon /usr/local/bin/DreamDaemon

ln: creating symbolic link `/usr/local/bin/DreamDaemon': No such file or directory

make: *** [install] Error 1

How to get the installation working to host games?
At my best guess, the symlink is assuming you have a /usr/local/bin Try creating it:

mkdir -p /usr/local/bin

And then doing the symlink yourself:

ln -f -s /usr/local/byond/bin/DreamDaemon /usr/local/bin/DreamDaemon

Why Ubuntu does not have this though, is beyond me.