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Let me play
Hello. I was just wondering how long these "server maintenance" things last, and how often are they performed? I've waited for well over an hour now and the game only became join-able for a few seconds, then went back down again... That was kind of harsh.. Q.Q

Anyway, if you could reply to this should, I'd really appreciate it, even if your answers are just estimations.
This is BBLX - Hyper Nova, I deleted my old account to make a new one, logged off after making my new acc, but then it says the 'connection died' whenever I try to load my character. I tried deleting that new acc to remake it and see if that works, but the game isn't letting me. Can you help me please?
Hello, i wanna help with the pokemon game:3 Im pixel artist and GFX Designer:3
Rofl for an adult you act like a kid. RRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOFL, you childish being IJS, you and your rip of a game... won't make it til may, ijs
dude you pokemon game wont let me load back in somehow care to explain about it?!?!?!
im serious if this is a joke to stop people who started to play it then its a awful joke
Where's Character On Pokemon Dark Red?
Un-jail me already, I've been stuck in here for two days already, for what? I still haven't even received any explanation whatsoever regarding it, and every time I try to on that ban page, it gets taken down, mm seems legit
Okay, I'm fed up, you 'admins' win. It's either you all don't know HOW to respond to a ban submission, or you're idiots, take a pick. I'm sick of being jailed up for SPAMMING EMOTICONS ONCE CLAP CLAP, which apparently resorts in a double jailing, which I'm still not out of. So honestly, fuck the game, fuck the admins clearly you can't do your job justly, and lastly, when people ask me how the game is, I'll tell em exactly what it's like. Hope you guys are happy! You've pissed off and turned (most likely) another user off the game.