by Suicide Shifter
Take on the responsibilities of an espionage agent and help your organization retrieve vital intelligence.
Take on the role of an espionage agent as you get involved with networks, counter-espionage, double agents, penetration, evaluation, codes and ciphers, and the technology of espionage. You will play through elaborate military deceptions, underground exploits, defections, and clandestine encounters. Play for one of the 4 organizations and lurk in the shadows as you steal vital intelligence.

A game created by Suicide Shifter.
This game is based on strategic tactics, and skillful choice. There are no stat systems that separate the weak from the strong. What separates the players are their knowledge about the game, their time on the game, and their strategic tactics.
The style of the graphics is tastefully subtle and the gameplay sounds very promising. I'll be sure to keep an eye out, keep up the good work.