In the past a lot of people have put me down for ripping games and being unoriginal. The more I look on byond, the more I know how they feel, their are rips all over. Thanks to those people putting me down, I'm no longer going to rip games, not only is it stupid and unprofessional, it's a waste of a Game Makers time, I'm going to start learning how to code, so I can create my own games and earn my reputation on byond. This being said, a few friends and I are starting work, on a Magic the Gathering game for byond. I know some of you are probably thinking "Oh god not another kid card game" well for those of you who are familiar with the game, it's for ages 18 and up. This also being said, I'd like to invite any Pixel Artists, Graphics Makers, or Coders to help out. This is a chance for me to learn coding and I wouldn't mind having some teachers, So if your interested please let me know, I need to learn because from here on out the ripping is over.

EDIT: I also would like to apologize to anyone i've bad mouthed for putting me down for ripping, I deserved it and without you guys I wouldn't of woken up, So I'm sorry and I hope we can start over and become friends.
Good for you.
Glad you're done with rips. Good luck with any games you work in the future.
Congratz And Good Luck,i hope You make a good Game!
I really really hope you make this game I have been doing a little coding and I can't wait to play it; goodluck