I was thinking about how the art should be done for my project "Macho", and I was wondering if a pop-up art style would be appealing and if it would work well.

It would all be hand-drawn as well.
I'm just wondering if BYOND could do something like so. I mean, it'd be sort of cell-shaded as well.

Something in the esque of Paper Mario meets Mad World meets Little Big Planet meets TMNT for Gamecube, and they all have an orgy that somehow germinates into a child.
I tried to make some Paper Mario art before for a Game Maker game, but it wasn't hand drawn and looked ridiculous.

Also, you could have just said Castle Crashers. It's pretty much all those games you listed in one.
It is, but I'd want to do something with a bit more pop-up esque. But you're definitely right.