Flesh and Drone

by ACWraith
Flesh and Drone
Create/control minions to destroy opposing daemons.
Work on Flesh And Drone continues. There's not a lot of graphical finesse in these shots as no drones have been summoned. Those interested in how the drones look can view this post. Also note that these pictures show only one daemon piece in the miasma while there should always be at least two until the end of the game.

This first picture is of the Bid phase. In the Bid tab, players can bid some or all of their daemon's blood to modify one or more types of drones. Bids are simultaneous and private. Ties result in the winners losing the blood they bid. A player's total amount of blood is displayed on their daemon piece in the miasma, but the Bid tab displays the blood left in private.

This second picture is of the Modify phase. Players who won any of the auctions can simultaneously spend the blood they bid to modify the specified types of drones. Note that my remaining blood is now publicly displayed on the map. Also, blood which was bid but not spent is lost so I'm about to increase another stat after this picture. (I should probably change the flesh circles into blood drips in order to make it more clear what the red number is.)

This last picture is of the asynchronous Battle phase and it's far from finished. Players with the least remaining blood go first while ties result in random selections. No special abilities have been implemented yet so I figured I'd display the Drones tab to note that the new stats are public. There should be a label telling players to click drone images in order to select them for summoning. (That's why one row is highlighted.) However, I forgot to make it visible before this picture was taken. *sigh*

The reason the special abilities are not yet implemented is because it's taken this long for me to decide what they should be. Plus, I've been taking care to define the controls in a way that will neither make actions conflict with each other nor require constant menu selections. (Note that instructions will be provided in the Cast tab so players won't have to keep all of this memorized.)

These are the basic controls I've settled on:
  • Left-click an owned piece to select it.
  • Left-click an adjacent, empty tile to move the selected piece to the tile. Lose 1 blood.
  • If you selected a drone, left-click an enemy piece to attack it with your drone. Lose 1 blood.
  • If you selected your daemon piece, right-click an adjacent, empty tile to summon a drone. Lose 1 blood.
Each player should also be able to use two special abilities which are chosen at the beginning of the game. These are the ones I've settled on for the moment:
  • Make an owned piece jump over another owned piece by selecting your piece and left-clicking the space to land on. Lose 1 blood like a normal move.
  • Make an owned piece jump over an enemy piece by selecting your piece and left-clicking the space to land on. Lose 1 blood like a normal move.
  • Select an owned drone and, rather than left-clicking an enemy drone, right-click the owned drone to make it explode and attack every adjacent drone (including your own). Lose 1 blood like a normal attack.
  • Double the strength of your drones' attacks, but pay double the blood as well. This can be toggled in the Cast tab.
  • Select your daemon piece and right-click an owned drone to double its strength the next time it needs to defend itself. Lose 1 blood.
  • Select your daemon piece and right-click an enemy drone in order to cut the power of its next attack in half. Lose 1 blood.
  • Select your daemon piece and left-click an enemy drone in order to cut its power in half the next time it needs to defend itself. Lose 1 blood.
  • Select an owned drone and then right-click an adjacent owned drone to destroy the second drone and allow the first to do double blood damage to daemon pieces. Lose 1 blood.
I know this is probably off topic. However, I feel like typing it anyway. For the longest time I've viewed you as one of the BYONDers who had the respect of the community, yet didn't deserve it. Because of my laziness I had only checked out a couple of your games.. And to be honest, they weren't that good. However, today and yesterday I have played two of your games that were made pretty well. I think the first one was Web Crawl(a game that I am pretty sure has been out for awhile) and Wrangle, etc. etc. Anywho, point being.. I was pretty impressed with how the games were designed. Although, not the hardest of scripts(yet, not to simple either) the game had a professional time of feel to it...

Anywho, I know I like it when someones admiring me.. So I guess I just felt asthough it's only far to do the same...

Anyways... Sorry to bother you with this BS.. Just felt like complementing ya..

P.S. I'm not subscribing/donating... So don't ask/hint :p