Report System Demo

by Super Saiyan X
A Report System using interfaces.
Basically, a report system designed by me.
Any questions? In the discussion section please.
Nice program very useful props man keep up the good coding.
Very helpfull!
I know this was created a little while back and i have just stumbled onto it, i think it's some great work i just have one question about it... Is there anyway to customize the list that appears in report.browser for example instead of having name appear at the top have it appear at the bottom etc? I may have overlooked how to do it which i apologise for in advance but if not any information would be useful thank you.
In response to Darkbanki
Yes, this is possible.

The output happens in the mob/View() verb - there's a for that iterates over a list of vars in the object and then outputs them. The best way to get a structured, formatted output, is to just take each var and output it manually in the way you want.
In response to Super Saiyan X
Thanks you for responding, I have done it.