Ello everybody i've been gone for quite some time now not posting as much stuff as i should have. But i have been very busy lately so i couldn't do much. But lately i've been drawing see :D

Don't worry tho that's just a idea for something imma make stay tune tho i'm back with new ideas and ready to pixel :D.
Ps: A Preview

Your getting ALOT better. ^^ Keep it up bro (:
Is he being used for a particular game, or just a mock-up?
The lil base was gonna be used idk what he gonna do with it now >.<
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Everything Here is being used for a particular game.
the hand drawing is somewhat of an immature style, it needs developed further and more detailed lines added as well as smoother lines, the shape of the scythe is off and the pose and feet seem really awkward, keep working on it and you may develop a great style.
Also... Do I see... a beard?!
Reminds me of that kid from Howl's Moving Castle who pretends to be a wizard with a fake beard.
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Yah that's where i got the idea from :D
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Of course my drawing is immature i am still young. But of course im still working on more of it :D
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VixiV wrote:
Yah that's where i got the idea from :D

For real?
That's pretty unexpected. Let me guess, the fire is inspired by Calcifer?
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Haha I hope so xD