Point of No Return

by Jason1992
The results of a experimental testing for a cure gone wrong. Now its up to you and the few survivors must find your way to safety and save the world in a POINT OF NO RETURN

The Begining

It all began one day in a small town in southern africa. 2 Scientists were working on a serum that was going to be used to cure a deadly virus. As the experimental testing of the serum was going underway the disease somehow bonded with the serum and caused the disease to go airborn and infect millions. As the disease spread through the world it has been shown that the infected have become the walking dead. Your goal is to find out exactly what happened and find a cure. Already trapt in the middle you are now in a POINT OF NO RETURN

A brand new original Shooting game based on a mix of Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, and a little imagination of the Staff. Apon Creation of a character you are given 4 playable characters on which you can chose one of them as your main character. After that you are sent to a level selection screen where you can go to a level you have unlocked. as you beat levels you unlock more levels. As you progress in levels the difficulty will get more and more difficult as you find more enemies and more difficult plots.Some levels you will find to be unbeatable by yourself which is where you can endure the level with a team. At the level selection screen each level will show how many players are on the level and you can go and join them to make the tasks a little less difficult. (Although you will still have to complete each task on your own to advance.) The team system is mainly for helping you progress through the swarm of enemies.Also as you progress through the levels you will find cool features like the ability to drive cars,Motorcycles,Planes,Helicopters(You would use the guns on the helicopter) and much more. You also unlock more attainable guns that will help fight off the hords of Zombies and other types of monsters that will be attacking you.

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GamePlay: I know, you've all played shooting games where you go through and destroy hordes of zombies. If you like those games then good. In Point of No Return we have the classic shoot'em all type of gameplay but with a bigger emphasis on story.Their are many different types of monsters not just the ever popular zombie.With many different levels that take you all across the world and into the mind of the PoNR staff.

Weapons: The Weapons in the game are pretty much like all other weapons in games. More powerful weapons can be unlocked as you progress through the game.

Current Weapons:
-Sawn of Shotgun
-Sniper Rifle
-Flame Thrower
-M249 Machine Gun
-Grenade Launcher
-Plasma Gun
-Colt 4.5
-MP5 Muchine Gun
-USP Silencer
-TMP Silencer Machine Gun
-P90 Machine Gun
-Desert Eagle
-Pump Shotgun
-Trip Wire
-Riot Stick

AI: The AI (Artificial Intelligence) in this game is very well coded, as we try to make the more difficult zombies do more than just walk towards. They will be able to jump, Fly(some Creatures), Grab you (Which stops you from shooting), and many more cool things in that area.

Current Enemies:
-Hunter-Finished L4D
-Smoker-60 % Finished L4D
-Tank - 70 % Finished L4D
-Witch - 0 % Finished L4D
-Dragon - 70 & Finished None
-Werewolf - 70 % Finished None
-Boomer - 0 % Finished L4D
-Zombie(Weak)-Finished L4D

Story: The storyline in this game is rather straight forward but it does feature some unique and difficult twists. Some Goals will just have you get to a certain point and collect something and other missions will call for you to survive swarms of Monsters untill the calvary arrives.

Vehicles: This game will feature several vehicles that you can use at your whim to help aid you in completing tasks.Some of those vehicles include Airplanes,Helicopters,Motorcycles,Cars/Trucks, Boats..etc.

Current Vehicles:
-Car (Different Forms)
-Wheel Bike

Original: This game is 100% Original, besides some ideas that were taken form some very popular Xbox and PS3 Games.There are no Rips of this game, although this game may seem similar to many other shooting games because of the concept.

--ShadowDarke - RoofLib
--Polaris8920 - On Screen Messages