Dragonball z : Strongest Reborn

by Shayvguy1222
The game have a fast leveling system and alot of transforms and alot oc effects that no1 have in byond the game have being made by me and from a scratch so please give it a chance.

Dragonball Z Strongest Reborn

The Game is The Best Ever ,Come And Look You Will Like It A Lot!

My STuff

Game Owner:SsjVegooko(Shayvguy1222)
Stuff Council: Ion,
Master Enforcer:Domnic
Trial Enforcer:

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Player Rules
1.Do not safe zone kill(warn - boot - ban)
2.No Multikey, if your to different ppl using different comps plz contact a admin(if not Ban!)
3.Do not spam (mute - boot - Ban)
4.Do not advertise (ban)
5.Dont death avoid by logging out (ban)
6.Dont abuse any bugs, report them (boot - ban)
7.Talk only english in the ooc (warn - mute - boot - ban)
8.Dont ask to become Admin(Muth - Boot - Ban!)
9.Dont ask from admin to summon you any DB (warn-mute-boot)
10.Dont filter avoid (mute-boot-ban)
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Admin Rules
1.No perm banning unless you have a good reason (demote - ban)
2.Do not edit yourself or anyone else (demote -charter deletion)
3.Dont boot/ban for no reason (demote-ban)
4.Dont abuse your powers (demote - ban)
5.Do your job by helping ppl (demote)
6.Dont summon or tele to ppl for no reason (demote-ban)
7.Dont reboot the server for no reason(demote-ban)
8.Dont use your powers for no reason(demote to player)
9.Dont mute for no reason(warn - demote)
10.Dont Lock Admin powers for no reason (demote to player)
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Game Description :
The game as a lot of transformes
and alot of new effects.
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I Hope you Stay and Enjoy the game!!!

when will this game be back up
i just need hoster that will host 24/7 with no lag
i can host 24/7 for you