Classes start today, and I've had to do a few adjustments. I'm taking a four credit and 3-three credit courses. I have 13 credit hours this semester, so I had to ask my boss to cut my hours back at work, and possibly work a daytime job.

On the lineup:

(3) Java Programming

(4) Systems Analysis & Design

(3) Work Experience Practicum

(3) English 101

I also had the ability to take English 121 or something, but English 101 focused on essays and such. I like writing essays =)

Java programming and work experience practicum will be easy courses. English 101 will be easy, but time consuming.

Systems Analysis & Design is going to be a massive pain in my butt. I've heard people say it deserves to be a 5 credit course. From what they've told me, you are to design a working computer system(from the databasing, to the networking, to the systems, and all) for a business with their given specifications. It's an entire-long semester project. God, I suck at long projects. =P
I'd drop English..if I could..I hate it..along with Spanish. I'd take the rest though. =o
Yeah, same. I already know how to read, write, and spell. xD

But, I would like to try and take Java Programming when I'm in college. Sounds fun, and intresting. Wish you the best of luck with it James.
Your old host is back! Parn/Vrakk kicked his server back online.
Err.. huh? o_o
I don't believe Parn ever hosted for me, unless he went by another alias at the time...
"I like writing essays =) "