Biohazard Redemption

by Armyboy2
A countion of the game Biohazard
Update everyone, The old Biohazard is back so this game is now at a halt. Link is here
this game is a fucking rip
Kozuma3 wrote:
this game is a fucking rip

No. Wrong. This game is the continuation of MY BioHazard game. I gave permission to army to use my source and continue the project. Unlike you and fluidfire using my source and claiming the shit as your own. Your game is a rip of my game, and my game is a Edited REO2. You cant call a game a rip when the source its using is released to the public. A Rip is stealing the coding or icons and using them without the owners permission. So why dont you watch wtf you say next time b4 calling this game a rip.

And FYI: You continue to post comments here and I will gather all the people who helped with biohazard and go to the byond staff and have you and fluid banned. So i suggest you keep your 2 cents to yourself.
When the hell is the game going to be up again..