False Faced: Mobs of Glory

by Zantofire
False Faced: Mobs of Glory
{MUD} Based on the 1930s mobs. Later information will be followed.

Story -Main Server-:
It is 1938, people are suffering from the depression as they walk the borders of states in search of jobs. On October 27th of 1938 a gang boss by the name of 'False Faced' appears on the scene.
His objectives seem blank. His gang known as ,'The Cards of Libertine', have killed meaningless people without money. Is there any connection to the recent number of alcohol sold? Based on where the mob hid the bodies they could have had ,probably, used the dead bodies to have alcohol smuggled from the borders.
- Cards of Libertine -
False Faced
- The Mafia -
- International Trade of Prostitution -
Big Daddy Kane

It says "thew" because that is how the main character says "the" in the original story, which I am writing.