Godship: Egyptian Majesties

by XodinBlood
Godship: Egyptian Majesties
First you must conquer the world, then have the masses worship at your feet. Do you have what it takes to become a God?
Their are only 7 God Players who control everything together. Whom must fight each other inorder to advance. With the gift of time who can utilize this tool more efficient? It could be you.

Nongods are worshipers, they serve these Gods by capturing souls, mining resources, and doing their God deeds in exchange worshipers receive blessings, powerups, and supernatural abilities. Worshipers can take the place of their God through physical challenges. Without worshipers a God is consider weak and inefficient.
hay i can not add this game to my favorites how do i add it
What screen resolution do you need to play this game? The UI is all messed up for me.
Can't connect
This looks like it would be fun, but when I play 25% of the screen is cut off. I've tried all of the obvious stuff(stretching the screen, changing my monitor's resolution, clicking the button that maximizes the size of the screen, etc.), so it's obviously the game and not my computer. If this gets fixed, I'll definitely try out this game.
This game seems pretty awesome I never played before ,but that description is pretty swell. You should put this game back online since something is going wrong with the download.