New Age

by Demonic Eyed Kyo
New Age
World Wide Adventures.

One of the funniest games!

New Age
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Demonic Eyed Kyo


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1. English is the only language spoken in global chat.(You may speak whatever language you like in say)

2. NO afk training. You must always be at your keyboard while gaining exp. Failure to do so may result in a kick or in more severe cases a ban.

3. No spam killing players

4. Any and all cases of bug abuse will result in a permanent ban.

5. No advertising of any kind will be tolerated and will almost always results in a permanent ban. (ONLY QUALIFIES FOR BYOND GAMES)

6. Do not spam the chat

7. Respect your fellow players and staff members

Half Giant

it says swordsman is a class but how do I become one?
Yeaaah, you alls game does not seem to work well, i have tryed to play it on 3 deff comps and all of the only got to make a char, it never got to the point ware I could see the maping....
Thats a bug, maybe tomorrow that will be fixed with the update
The game is down for the update?
can i be a gm i will help with bugs and am free to go on the computer every day so can i
Nebula Admin App o.o
Reason:Well i think i can help enforce the game and when ur not on and gamos being gamo ppl have no one to ask.
Hours Can Be on: about 6 or 8
Extra:Well i already try to help the game the best i can and i already know much about the game and if u choose to make me admin thanks and if u don't still thanks for giving me the opportunity o.o
awesome game guys play it and see o.o
when this gonna be on? and i hope in here he have like a safe area in logs...
It would be nice if the server stopped going down ;O xD
stop putting down the server ... people want to play
new age off?
demon eyed kyo i would like to say that your pro host tummy banned me from looting him when he was lotting from me and my new friend kizumy so i would like to you resolve this because of that fuucking bastard
thx so i guess no one can play this because the host is abusing power
Adviced not to play.
Host abuses power to kill you and if you complain he will BAN you.
Also banned Dxbruno for HELPING me after being PKed by him.
Again, Adviced not to play.
Rly, Ban these ''Nice'' Player just cause someone got looted ):
izaki Loot DF on first ilsand while he says for me to come for pvp and after that he start attacking for SZ to other persons outside plz do somethink for all that trash
open the server again plz i want train ;P
all kid levels is by bug abuse or most he is just manipulate enviroment on all strong npcs spawn and then going afk
In game key is BlackSkull22 Iv been playing games like this close to 2 years now i know the rules im none abusive i am fair to other players i can be on 24/7 if needed i am nice when im not tired as heck i dont use commands for my own benifit this is my applycation ask questions if needed
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