Seishin Kaiketsu Suru

by Narutogx2
Seishin Kaiketsu Suru
An Up And Returning Bleach Game
Narutogx2-Pixel Artist/Mapper/Programmer

|||To apply for GM, post a topic on the forum|||

Gotei 13

Royal Guard: lvl 2k And Be Promoted From Captain

Captain Commander Req: 1.5k and Squad 1

Captain Req:Lvl 1k

Lieutenant Req: Captain's Approval(If captain is available.)

|||You may challenge a captain for their spot if you are in their squad and have the req.|||

Soul King-Bob(Narutogx2)
Royal Guard Member 1-
Royal Guard Member 2-
Royal Guard Member 3-
Royal Guard Member 4-
Royal Guard Member 5-

Squad One Captain-
Squad One Lieutenant-
Squad Two Captain-
Squad Two Lieutenant-
Squad Three Captain-
Squad Three Lieutenant-
Squad Four Captain-
Squad Four Lieutenant-
Squad Five Captain-
Squad Five Lieutenant-
Squad Six Captain-
Squad Six Lieutenant-
Squad Seven Captain-
Squad Seven Lieutenant-
Squad Eight Captain-
Squad Eight Lieutenant-
Squad Nine Captain-
Squad Nine Lieutenant-
Squad Ten Captain-
Squad Ten Lieutenant-
Squad Eleven Captain-
Squad Eleven Lieutenant-
Squad Twelve Captain-
Squad Twelve Lieutenant-
Squad Thirteen Captain-
Squad Thirteen Lieutenant-


King of Hueco Mundo- 1.5k

|||You may challenge Espada Members for their spot if you have req.|||

Espada #0=2k
Espada #1=1k
Espada #2=950
Espada #3=900
Espada #4=850
Espada #5=800
Espada #6=750
Espada #7=700
Espada #8=650
Espada #9=600


Member Req: Lvl 750

|||You may challenge Xcution Members for their spot if you have req.|||

Xcution Member #1 -
Xcution Member #2 -
Xcution Member #3 -
Xcution Member #4 -
Xcution Member #5 -
Xcution Member #6 -
Xcution Member #7 -
Xcution Member #8 -
Xcution Member #9 -


Emperor- 3k

Sternritter Grandmaster- 2.5k

Schutzstaffel Leader- 2.3k
Schutzstaffel Member- 2k
Schutzstaffel Member- 2k
Schutzstaffel Member- 2k
Schutzstaffel Member- 2k

Sternritter A- 1.5k
Sternritter B- 1.5k
Sternritter C- 1.5k
Sternritter D- 1.5k
Sternritter E- 1.5k
Sternritter F- 1.5k
Sternritter G- 1.5k
Sternritter H- 1.5k
Sternritter I- 1.5k
Sternritter K- 1.5k
Sternritter L- 1.5k
Sternritter M- 1.5k
Sternritter N- 1.5k
Sternritter O- 1.5k
Sternritter P- 1.5k

The staff of SKS believes that people should rank games only if they love the game and think it deserves to be ranked, and as a result we do not offer rank bonuses. It is important to us that we obtain an honest, fair rank and that our work is gauged and evaluated with integrity; we are against the unfair ranking that rank boosts cause.

Because we do not offer ranking bonuses, it is obvious that our rank truly reflects the success and quality of our game, and it shows that we did not have to resort to bribing our players to get to where we are today. All the same, we hope our players will rank our game to support us, but only if they feel we deserve it and if they love our game; not because they were offered cheap in-game advantages. We do not accept payment of any kind for services in or out of the game.

We also encourage other games to take our stance to make rankings fair. If you support our belief feel free to copy this message into your Hub.

All credit for the source material goes to Tite Kubo and affiliates.
Its Off Hiatus And Into Alpha Testing, lol.
I want to become a GM to discuss setting the mood, craft stories, reacting to player surprises, and more.
Bob, Got a bug.

I picked Kido fighter for my Shikai option upon graduation, and then the "Lower your own Body Temperature" choice, which I assume should be Rukia -- instead, I don't have a sword of any kind except the sealed zanpakuto when I try to use Shikai.

Basically, it's giving you blank shikais.
I Fixed That
what's going on currently is i probably won't be getting a new cpu ti'll christmas, im currently on my friend's 3ds that im borrowing, and i do have the game's source on my flash drive. also i have all the icons and ideas i was going to add there too.
rest assured this game is not dead
UPDATE: i might have a new computer by the end of this month, maybe.
update 2: the game will be back up by next month.
Interested in being a GM. Absolutely love the game just wish more people played. After I hit 100 it gets so monotonous attacking things just to help level up ya know
tru this game rlly good.
lol if bob would listen we'd have players :)
Idk What U Mean, lol.