by Jtgibson
A fully-featured object-oriented suite of floating-point vector and coordinate functions to break free of the boundaries of tiles.
Hey, not bad! I've already made the corresponding fixes to a local copy of jt_vectors. I don't even have BYOND installed at the moment, but I'll see how soon I can get around to uploading the fixed version.

Note to anyone: While I generally don't have time for BYOND any more, pages do forward to my e-mail address. Time allowing I'm happy to fix bugs and errors in my software.

By the way, since I noticed this article didn't tackle it: don't try using the AngleABWithin() proc. It, uh, doesn't do what I think it does. (There's one secret to being a successful mathematician, and once I find out what it is I'll let you know.)

The /coordinate distinction is in place because of what I consider to be good semantics. I tend to find myself staring blankly at programmers who refer to coordinates as "vector3D" in their source code, because while coordinates are indeed 3-axis figures they are used for an entirely different purpose: it's hard to describe, but I find it much harder to wrap my head around "coordinates are vectors from the origin" rather than "coordinates are offsets from the origin".

I actually have more than a few redundant distinctions in my projects where I consider them semantically important, even if they serve no actual internal purpose in terms of data and functionality.
Kaiochao wrote:
I hope no one expects to make multiplayer games out of this. I mean, not spacewar single-computer ones, at least. Sure it sounds and looks cool and inspirational for daring developers, but you won't get past a single computer unless you run the game with tick_lag at least greater than 1.
Until BYOND could get faster, which probably will never happen :(

BYOND just needs some way of telling clients how to predict. Newton's first law, baby.
57.1 people read this and didn't understand
Jamckell wrote:
57.1 people read this and didn't understand

Well...in those 57.1 people's defense it is a highly advanced subject in math usually taught in Calculus. Strangely enough, this is probably the easiest thing I had ever learned from Calculus. What is the moral here?

Never take Calculus.
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