Mystic Journey

by Gunbuddy13
Mystic Journey
Fight. Explore. Survive.
After a long hiatus from BYOND, I have brought this game back. It's no longer run by me, though I am active in its development still. Hope you enjoy :)
Cant wait for the new MJ to be finished =D.
Progress is slow because there is a TON of stuff to rebuild. I practically scrapped the entire game to start from scratch. My goal is to get it up before Christmas. fingers crossed :)
My fingers have been crossed ever since I seen the remake.
HighlyAnnoyed wrote:
Iocamus wrote:
My fingers have been crossed ever since I seen the remake.

Aren't you two on the wrong hub?O.o

Did you just ask gunbuddy, the owner of mystic jouney, if he's on the right hub? Re-think that question.
And I sure hope you dont think the mystic journey by Secxs is the official one, that's merely a pathetic rip.
lol HighlyAnnoyed deleted her own comment. I think that speaks for itself right there.
Just keeping the seat warm for Gunby over there. You don't have to bash it. :(
Secxs wrote:
Just keeping the seat warm for Gunby over there. You don't have to bash it. :(

Rofl,I bash it because when I went over there and called it a rip, I got banned for saying it. And thats quite pathetic.
Hey gunbuddy its Dbgtsuperfreak. I played the orginal Mystic journey on Lady Arwans servers way way back. I had a 200 elementalist lol. Anyways I noticed that you are working on a complete remake and hoping to have it up my Christmas. 2010. I was wondering if you could use any help at all. I can Icon and do GFX. Just hit me on on MSN messenger or E-mail me at the same address. [email protected]

Hope to hear from ya. Peace and Good Luck.
I'm excited! =]
I used to play Lady Arwens Server as Well my Names were Sekato, Kenjie, and Fishbelly lol...But Partner420 and BoogiyG used to play with us, as well as Da_chimp...It is amazing i even just got on here and seen this post...I used to play back in the day with my friends and my step dad when i was like 14-15 im 21 now lol...I miss the old days so i wish i could turn back time and go back to those days when we were all a bit younger and nothing mattered!! SOO MUCH FUNNN!! lol I can't wait for the remake i will deffinately have to pop in bro and check it out!! Goodluck Gun bro glad to see your still with it and havn't lost your inner fun! =]
I remember you Kenjie. I used JadedMyst back then but have since progressed to Mysteria. I miss those days too. Seems like so long ago now. I am glad Gunbuddyis bringing MJ back.
I played itstrue418 or whatever.

In the new mj you think you could add system like for ex: you reach level 200.
Then you can cash exp your earn into stats. then you reach a certain stat you can do a quest to reach the next rank etc.
I think this would make pvp popular. Thats just my opinion.

Was Secxs' source given to him or taken from Gunbuddy?
Why isnt it up anymore?
Gunbuddy if you need a icon artist hit me up on my pager I cant do very good detailed work I caan show you samples
So, is this going to be up again soon?
dude bring mystic journey back! this game rawked :(
For now, I've put this game on hold again while I work on another project.

Feel free to follow it here.
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