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can i be a host because i am helping people out all the time
i cant get on the server the server for some reason is there a technical problem or sum i really like this game
ur server is down again
4 some reason i cant log in all it says is connection failed, check ur hosting privacy and make sure that ther isnt a restiction on me.
thank you
Ur new GM, Smithy needs to lose gm priveleges......he's an idiot and is taking advantage of his position
The server for Naruto: Supreme Shadows isnt working right, no one can load a character and the screen is all black when u bring up the game. all u can hear is the music. plz restart the server.
Can you get a new hoster? i dont think He/She is 24/7 Every morning/midnight it goes off.
um the server for naruto is down could u fix plz?
I would like to say something in NSS. You know the GM name "Soul" ? Well he abuses.. and stuff like that.
and this guy name "Giratina"
he just tele kills and makes the game look like its no good. Well i know this game is awesome and shit. but Soul makes the game worst also.
Yo Raz do u still hate me dude? Bcuz if u do I'm srry for all the trouble that I've caused and i will never abuse again. And if I do I will tell you to ban me forever.

raz put the server back on it crashed caz mexo spammed and it froze
dude its like 9 am where i live and it fails to connect to the server when theres 2 guests on and to named ppl
now its like 12 to 2 pm and i still cant log on it fails to connect but 3 ppl are still on radori and 2 guests
i cant log in naruto supreme shadows cause it says connect to byond failed ubt there are a lot of people on
Yo can you log in? I've been waiting like for 8 days to become kage. Can i please b the kazekage

I cannot connect to the server??

raz come on un-bann me plz
Raz why does the server keep on crashing??!! can u fix it?

Raz to put it simply The NSS host crashes because the coding is sloppy and sends to much the the Daemon from the game so on random occasion it will crash to remove all errors/uses
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