Flesh and Drone

by ACWraith
Flesh and Drone
Create/control minions to destroy opposing daemons.
Flesh and Drone is almost playable. I had wanted to release a version without spells for testing purposes soon, but it took too long to pinpoint the source of a crash.

Here's a battle phase picture like I had wanted to post last week. There are still some minor skin adjustments I want to make, but this is basically how it will look when I release a version.
A few rounds have passed. Only one type of drone has been upgraded. The fire player has summoned one of that type while the bone player summoned one of each. It is the fire player's turn and his drone has been selected.

Remember that a drone's power versus a type of drone also determines it's range. Most of the bone drones in this picture are helpless against the fire drone.

One exception is the bone drone which is the same type as the fire drone. Drones of the same type generally have to be right next to each other in order to attack and there's only a 50% chance of survival.

The other exception is the bone drone which is closest to the fire drone. The fire drone is within the bone drone's range. The bone drone has 1 power point to the fire drone's 4. Adjusting those numbers is a big part of the game, but I don't expect players to do a lot of math. Instead, the fire player sees that his piece has an 80% chance of killing the bone drone and surviving.
Looking very good. Sounds like it'll be an excellent strategy game, albeit one I'll have to learn piece by piece. ;)
I haven't got the faintest idea of what I'm looking at, but whatever it is, it looks awesome.