hello gato, i'm player on NSS but i can't access it for reason because it is failing on me just today never had problems with it before.
Hey Gato!
i love NSS!! just wanted to say awesome job!!keep makin games!!

I was just ipbanned for absolutely nothing, I dont know if it was a joke but its not funny.
i only need codes for using and learning jutsus can u help me plss???
I can hos nss if u want
I'll host NSS if you just need someone who can host :)
i can host 24/7
dude like whats the hold up??
hello my name is joseph and i of course i was a player here on this game before you even add those nin gen and tai logs. but enough of that...i would be willing to pay for a shell server or any server that host this game... please email me at my byond name blasty123 if interested..this is not a prank
NSS is back Up
Sup, add me to your pager we are going to get to know each other.
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