by Mickemoose
When all the Maple Syrup in Canadark is sucked away, Who's there to save the day?

When all the Maple Syrup in Canadark is sucked away, Who's there to save the day?

Mooseland is a platformer game based upon Super Mario and Banjo Kazooie in it's completely original storyline and characters.

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1st, and that damn log platform is way too hard to get on.
I liked the game a lot. There were some bugs in it that made me a bit confused at time, it is beatable though :P. One for example, is the log platform Rushnut talked about. Good game :)
I'll get around to fixing that log eventually.
Another bug, I'm not sure exactly how it happens, but the bit where you have to defeat that guy without leaving the box, for some reason I kept just jumping out of the box accidently, and not being able to get back in without restarting the whole annoying cutscene
OK well I restarted the game a few times after having messed up, either picking up items I didn't know what to do with or just because I didn't start the log moving then fell down, thus not allowing me past the moving log out of the water, cause it wasn't moving yet.

When I go to the one area with crown, all items are un-gettable but are there even though I completed it & one person there is there twice it appears since in the menus the guy u move up away from water shows up as his name & his name(2).

Also I am confused at where to go, I start the first area, make the house cut-scene go after skipping the intro then the machine cutscene at the other house, proceed getting all the leaves/honey or w/e in that area, then hit the teleportal by the starting house, doing all that with those people & all that, I do the boss battle after exiting then I continue doing more & go to snow area & the water/beach areas & finish what I saw there, but now I don't know where to go or how to get the other boss or w/e cause the one guy made reference to the beach/rink & i did what i found at both finishing off what everyone said EXCEPT for the one in the first area asking for the honey or w/e it is.

Well honey I meant Syrup each time, but yea...thats the only thing left I see in which I haven't done what it asks & interacting/talking with him yields no different result...what do I do from here?