Kill Joy

by Deathmonk
Kill Joy
An epic shooter made for mostly everyone..

Player Zone : Competitive

A game in the making.
This is a game loosely based off of MGS(Metal Gear Solid)& R6(Rainbow 6), this game has Free for all and Team battle type of games.




Fat Albert

You will be alerted 30 days prior to a player wipe.

| Last Known Pwipe: 02/01/14 | Purpose : February Update


Past Hosts:


Currently recruiting a few team memebers.
(1)Icon Artist
(1)Server Watcher(s)

Contact me via Pager or on my msn : [email protected]

Whats in so far:

-Game Modes-

Team Deathmatch
Capture the Intel
Attack and Defend
Terrorist Hunt
Code Black


Blue is Fox Hounds [F.O.X.]
Red is Liquids Private Army [L.P.A.]

-In Game-

Plenty Weapons added
Unlocking system
New Maps

Modes - Wanna go solo? Be on a team? Want to take on 50 terrorist co-op with friends? How about a survival round against Mutants and robotic aliens? Want to play elimination? Choose from a variety of modes to play such as Terrorist Hunt, Attack & Defend, Team Deathmatch, Free for All, and more.

Ranking - There's always something to go for, to reach for. Each rank or every other one you will unlock a new gun or add-on such as the M3 Shotgun or Radar Jammer to sneak up on your foes!

Arsenal - Choose from over 20 no! 27 weapons to unlock featuring from snipers,burst rifles, pistols,*NEW Single fire Rifles*, assault rifles, sub machine guns, light machine guns, shotguns, and much more coming!

Maps - Featuring detailed maps that are made from skill and balance and not just slapped together for a quick game. Quality > Quantity.

Staff - Staff are very nice and we barely need enforcers if anything, so don't be afraid, we are compromising and understanding and we bet you can't kill us before we kill you!

HUD - Have a unique HUD with Radar and showing how much bullets you have left with a smooth animation to boot!

Detail - Watch the amount of detail with things such as sound effects, to wall and graphic detail, blood splatter, bullet shells falling, and get immersed within the experience!

Much more inside!

*It was formally known as MGSO (Metal Gear Solid Online) For those who remember.

*New Combat system implemented.

Special Thanks:

Lendgens and Gooseheaded for their help. Thanks to Fat Albert for helping me improve the combat system. Thanks to Reem16 and Yazan20 for generously hosting in the past. Thanks to ComplexRobot for his Voteing lib. Thanks to IainPeregrine for his amazing dmm suite. Thanks to all the players and the Action guild. And especially thanks to Konami, & Ubisoft, for their influence.

Check out some other great additions!

Deathmonk :

Yazan20 :
This game tough, I suggest everyone to try it out !
When is it coming back up?
As soon as i can get in contact with my host. Thank you for your patience.
The host files are now up so players can host their own private servers when the main server is not up. Enjoy!