Rise Of The Pirates

by Pride Ravanok
Rise Of The Pirates
Pirates! Marines, Bounty hunters?! Join the super powered adventure!
Few more updates! (Smaller ones go on the game's forum) Stay updated!
Jolly Rogers!
New jolly roger system allows pirates to create their own jolly rogers! with options provided ingame, that allow them to mix and match into their own original creation.
Quick how to:
Step:1 Make sure your the captain of your crew! Buy yourself one of these from the item mall "Jolly Roger Paint Kit"

Step:2 Controls Click an option then click your feature to recolor and apply all very simple.(Shout out to zane for the background thank you buddy!)

Step:3 Play around! There are many options and you are able to combine them stack eyes to create your own unique eyes go wild, let your inner Picasso run free!

Step:4 Press finish once you are ready!

Step:5 Let other's mouse over you and fear your emblem!

New features!
Crew Rating
New crew rating system influenes a PVP aspect, the crew/Fleet with the highest rating will become the leader of its faction and gain 10% damage for the entire crew and Other titles. When a player is killed by another player it will alarm his crew of his location and his killer. How do you increase your rating? Well;
marines Capture killers, defeat pirates, make arrests.

Pirates; Slay loot and escape!

Muderer!(Killing Spree)
Killing spree system! This ones slightly simple! Kill non pirate players and your killing spree will incrase! get over 10 kills and your name will be announced to the world! Becareful this will allow marines to hunt you down for crewrating. Being defeated while a killer will disable your ability to attack or enter safe zone for minutes = your kills x2!

Other News!
Thanks to the subscriptions accumulated, I've been able to hire a Pixel Artist to remake the games art! Though they are but one person, this will take much time to finish so please be patient everyone. I also appreciate the hard work players have put in for finding and reporting bugs, keep up the good work, because with each one found we steadily improve this game to new heights!


Looks Really Good and a Nice Jolly ROGER SYSTEM !!
Daz Zucchi shall rule the pirates
i like da fish swimming and the flag appearin when u put mouse on char >:3
Is it just me or is Roger spelled wrong in the interface popup?

Edit: And also the word 'background' on the buttons. That damn 'g' is getting ya bro.
Lmfao i now, dislike g's! good eye!
In response to Pride Ravanok
Pride Ravanok wrote:
Lmfao i now, dislike g's! good eye!

Lol all is good man. Happens to us all.
so girls are gonna have there own walk
now dont gotta ask to see wut gender they are
Im not a fan of rotp but I have to say that looks great man keep it up cant wait to see what you come up with next!
Constructing a self roger is cool. I don't play much games but I like to play good good ones on weekend.
Bed bug removal nyc