Naruto Supreme Shadows

by Gato547
Naruto Game All Kage Spot Open
How long have you been playing NSS: Since 2009
Experience: I was GM of Naruto Hidden Shadows
Why do I want to be GM of NSS: I'm active and always trying to help people that need
Why Should I choose you: I'm in a different time zone so i can be active when others are not.
What Kind of GM you want to be: I want to be the GM that is fair and able to help the one that need
Claymaster3 wrote:
Claymaster3 wrote:
Claymaster3 wrote:

Experience: i have bin gm on many NSS server and different games Like:Naruto World At War

How long have you been playing NSS:?4 years

Why do you want to Be GM of NSS:?Cuz most gm are not on so i want to help others when the gm are not on and i know alot about NSS

Why should I choose You:?Cuz im helpful,kind and i treat players with respect unless they mean

What Kind of GM you Want to Be:?Head-of-Gm,Trust Gm or enforcer

Nome Kazuma
Chave: Soul_Vongola1
ExperiÍncia: I already went to Game Master in many naruto games like playing the NSS and I think I can be a Gm because my cousin my already helped and I'm having a lot of time available.
Quanto tempo vocÍ joga NSS:3 years
Por que vocÍ quer ser GM do NSS:because I am dedicated to helping all and I know that many people in the NSS will like me to be a member of the staff
Por que eu deveria escolher vocÍ:To animate the NSS and I do many events and cool things to help all who need help and I will call many friends to play
Que tipo de GM vocÍ quer ser:GM1
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