Naruto Supreme Shadows

by Gato547
Naruto Game All Kage Spot Open

Poll: Pwipe For Next Update?

Yes 22% (7)
No 16% (5)
I Don't Care 9% (3)
No Please 22% (7)
Yes i can't Wait 29% (9)

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Hello' This is PhotobucketThe Next Update is Gonna Bring A lot of Things
New Ways of train,All Jutsu Remake not just the icons but how they Work. I'm Hoping You Like The Changing i'm to the Game Also Your Going to have to choices to Be From One Clan or To be From To Separate Clan
More Organization
Kage Swords
Some bugs and Glitches Fix
I don't Know if I'm Gonna Change the map Yet

Now Please Choose You Want a Pwipe For This Update or Not?
L i dont understand this
isnt this the forum for gm
Based on the amount of changes id assume a pwipe would be necessary if not pwipe anyway to keep things fresh =D

Also what orgs?...dont we have too many orgs as it is?
like org XII....and SO
OH and will hebi be renamed taka?
i think there shouldnt be blood org, but keep that room for kage meeting room
no more XII , no more SO
and no pwipe !!!!!!!!
when will NSS be up?