Naruto Supreme Shadows

by Gato547
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Some ideas i had for the game

Lava : Mizukage(Mei Terumī)

Dust Release : Tsuchikage(Onoki)

Give Medic Clan Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation which if defeated would allow them to summon(just like any other summon) the person they killed with the exact same stats as the person who they killed Each medic would be allowed one-three people who would appear as scrolls in their inventory. When summoned a new tab would appear with the jutsus of whoever they killed which would be useable by the "Zombie"

Suigetsu Kisame Momochi and Nidame clans are all basically the same thing and it could really be shortened into some sort of suiton clan or somthing

Instead of people getting demons y not make demons a type of clan?...just a thought

Remove Lycan: there were no lycans in naruto and the clan is bad anyway

Most ninjutsus need to be a bit faster...i find myself running into my own attacks because i run faster than they do.

Chodan Bakugeki is useless the tai boost it gives doesn't last long enough for it to be useful and even if it did it doesn't stack wtih baika no jutsu and it makes you auto attack when you run into people as if you were using nikudan sensha but it does less damage

Minato should get a jutsu that is the equivalent of Yami Teleport or Time Distortion instead of a recolored Ice Mirrors...

Add a nin based jutsu that can hit fly so nin based clans have a way to hit flying enemys or maybe make flight only add a % to dodge attacks?...that would be interesting for some jutsus such as lotus to do

Nin Gen and Tai should all train at the same pace it seems to me that tai trains faster than nin and gen for some reason....not sure why

Gain learning points through missions instead of through killing the animals in forest(gives a reason to do missions)

Remove the big pit of serves no purpose and it just serves to kill people...

Remove Soul Edge and set a genin hp cap

Remove hp cap for anyone over genin

make chakra gain as fast as hp gain when meditating

Thats all i got for now but if i think of anything else ill reply it on this topic