Naruto Supreme Shadows

by Gato547
Naruto Game All Kage Spot Open
Applies to:Dream Daemon
Status: Open

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I think we should go back to the regular ranking up system. (Gennin, Chuuin, Jounin, Hunter-Nin, Anbu, Anbu-cap, Sannin, Sage & Kage).

Anbu, Anbu-cap, Sannin, Sage: With those rank i think we deserve to get a jutsu for each of those rank we earn.
I think if we are not gonna have tai/ nin/ gen caps then we should get rid of the hp/ chakra caps as well.

While we're at it we should drop the rank caps as well(no genin or chunin caps), but have superior ways to train when you rank up.

Either that or put a cap on everything. Each stat, hp, chakra, rank caps, etc.