Lol everyone making base nowadays so i'd like try something new how's this?

Gimme so uhh. . feedback or constructive criticism.
I like it! You're getting quite good.
Really good .
I think the only major flaw is that he looks like Snooki's child.
I'm not going to make a game with it someone else is :3
Looks good.
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Thank Kyuu :D
Can you make me another base for another game
The arms look a bit too small for the size of the chest and mid-section.
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I went tad bit overboard, but I presume you know what I am mean.
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lols... no ..
In response to Skyiden
Lol i guess. . .?
vixi get on messenger
- Skin Tone
Why is everyone using that fleshed out ginger bread man skin tone, you need have variations between your colours, otherwise your shading just blends in.

- Character
Your base lacks it, it has hardly any body definition, as-well as facial definition

- Feet Position
My edit doesn't correctly show whats wrong with your positioning of the feet as it was quick, but you currently have the perspective of someone standing in a side scroller

- Head Position
Again, side scroller perspective, currently you have the perspective of a side scroller, which means the base is currently laying on the floor looking directly at the player, that is if he is in a non-side scroller game.
Bad Pixel Artists giving advice to bad pixel artists.
You amount to nothing compared to me, don't start, I will shame you.
You win.
Fight! :D
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