I decided to tell that it's time to release 3 hidden games! I have told a few people about it but they were told to shutup. I guess it's time to anounce ther names and descriptions too huh?

Desert Defenders 2 - Desert Defenders is a strategy type game. Mostly similar to GoldGuardians. Your main objective is to build an army and fight off your enemy, while protecting your captain also. If your captain dies, everyone looses. There are many choices of defences and offences to select. This game is a complete copy of the first one but has easier selectable icons and will be updated now.

Celestial Chaos Reborn - Info will be released Upon BETA testing on monday.

OutBreak 2 - Outbreak is another game that deals with zombies. The login screen explains it all as the first thing you see, well you know, zombies! The game has a few bugs but its playable. The only problem is with obtaining weapons as a doctor and reloading your guns. The game is similar to Resident Evil Online 2 by far.
Underworld Kid gtfo my guild
No one gives a shit about your pathetic attempts at games. Just drop it, and act like you're not even here on BYOND.
Or even better. Leave...
Big words from someone who's contributed absolutely nothing to the world, much less BYOND.
ur guild fails >.>
SuperAntx wrote:
Big words from someone who's contributed absolutely nothing to the world, much less BYOND.

There's some things the world does not want, including his games.
So I guess you like to see rips spawn everywhere on the front page of BYOND?
i like how every single one is a 'sequel' of a game that already exists on byond

i guess you didn't recruit enough idealists huh
piece of shit
Make a real game for once. Nothing wrong with rips, but re-releasing your rips? Either you're just trying to score some attention or spam BYOND.
Definition of a Rip - A Game stolen from another player secretly.

Example(Pretend) - I was coding for a person and they gave me their sources. I then block all contact from them and take 100% credit of the game.

If you don't understand get out of my guild..

Next person to talk crap about my games is going to end up like Underworld Kid, banned.
hm, that's interesting, where did you get that definition from? Encyclopedia Kingmasherria?