Naruto: Shippuden Online

by Suzakou
Naruto: Shippuden Online
A high quality game with astonishing graphics, revolutionary systems , and techniques that Byond haven't seen before. NSO provides a vast variety of acitivites such as missions,quest and a friendly community for you and your firends.
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I was thinking about factions within villages. Anbu,Medical Ninja,Intelligence group,Barrier Ninjas. That sort of thing now in byond games we've seen the medical ninja thing with healing. I don't think however theres yet to be like anbu summoning scrolls.

I'll start with that I was thinking about Anbu having the ability to create scrolls of course after a certain level(presumably high) or having an anbu rank like captain or leader. you can create a scroll where you pick *insert anbu players name* and have the ability to summon that person to you of course when your summoning the person it would ask them first something like "Anbu Captain Suzakou, has requested your assistance he's in a bit of a pinch will you come to his aid?" [Yes][No] That sort of thing.

The next thing I'd like to see is like a torture or interrogation ability for people a part of the intelligence group for their village. The skill would allow you to take a KO'd target(If there is a KO System, if not just take the target when his life is low maybe 5%) and chain them down and ask extract information from his character ie. Where the location of his squad members is...What his current mission scroll asks him to do.How much money he has in his inventory those sort of things.It would be a technique that would be hard to land without having the target in a genjutsu or a holding jutsu. Perhaps you could do some sort of tug of war mind thing between the person extracting and the person trying to extract like the person in the chair has to press certain arrow combinations to keep the extractor from taking information.

Next would be Sensory/Barrier ninjas people who could coordinate points to place a barrier to prevent people from entering their village for an amount of time(Of course the barrier would be break able). Or make a barrier that gives information on people entering. Or for the truly skilled and masterful barrier ninja people who could cover the entire continent ie. The land of fire. in a barrier that gives them information on anyone who isn't a part of the land of fires village. As well as a map of those targets locations.