Attentive players will notice the latest Ultimatum update includes a couple of key features that were recently implemented, such as the ability for players to quickly rejoin a game if they logged out (great for when you start to hear a thunderstorm outside). Here are the full details below.

Version 0.8.4 - August 24th, 2009
- Players are now able to log out of the game without immediatly forfeiting. Players must re-join the game within 3 minutes, and will automatically re-enter the game upon logging in.
- Removed the menu and status bar in the default interface to optimize screen area for smaller resolutions
- Decreased tick_lag to smooth out scrolling and movement
- Long-standing bug where units that leveled up at the beginning of a player's turn would not be able to move nor attack has been fixed
- While moving units, players can now automatically see the defense rating of terrain while dragging the mouse (previously players would have to hold shift)
- New map: Devastation (2 player moderate, mixed desert terrain) - moderate play map where two players fight between an oasis with mixed terrain

As a reminder, Ultimatum is now being hosted 24/7 on a dedicated SliceHost server, and everyone is welcome to join. It's located at the same URL mentioned last week.


Also, for ACWraith:

Yes, a help file is coming. :)

You have to watch with decreasing the tick lag, it tends to slow games down quite a bit.
Of course, but that certainly becomes the case when running on lower bandwidth and processing power. In this situation, lowering tick_lag smooths the game flow, and has been pretty good so far for what I've seen during experimentation on the new server.