Naruto 2

by Von Fanel
Naruto 2
A new Naruto game by Von Fanel
A new Naruto game by Von Fanel, an advanced version of Naruto and Naruto Fantasy combined and balanced.

Programmer: Von Fanel
Designer: Mee64
Graphic Leader: Huka
von is kinda homo but his game is good < Rin
I could only play it for 5min before it went down, but it's hella awesome.
LARNELL12345 wrote:
von is kinda homo but his game is good < Rin

Wow...didn't realize being gay meant you couln't make an epic game.
Gotta play with some dicks to get around in this muh fugguh.
Make it on D;
Guys whats going on with the game?
Whens this game going to be up?
Hi guys! I am working on a Naruto turn based game currently!

Haha. I know I'm a bit late on this one, but would anyone be interested in the nostalgia train?

I'm going to complete it even if no one plays, but I'd like to know if there's any one else like me out there who would appreciate a turn based Naruto game.
If it was like the naruto games Von Fanel created i would play every day
Why did everyone just disappear? i was waiting for this so badly.. even if we could jsut find someone with the host files to the originial.. i would literally kill to play your game again Von D: