Final Resurrection

by Volkov911
Final Resurrection
Do you think you have what it takes to achieve the Final Resurrection?
Ah, the time is near. FRR is upon us. What is FRR you ask? Well,to put it simply... It is a version of FR made for the fans, by a fan. The game has been programmed from nearly scratch by myself, and it features a new, fresh, yet similar map made by me from scratch.

All the graphics are the same as they were, aside from a few improvements and new ones, and several features and systems have been improved and changed up based off ideas and opinions from the players. For example, both the melee combat system, and ki combat system have been completely overhauled and the melee combat system has received good reviews from a handful of FR Veterans who were allowed to test it.

During the alpha stage players will experience only a portion of the game, and will get to contribute opinions, suggestions, and so on as they watch it quickly progress into its full version right before their eyes.

Sadly, a player wipe will be required when the alpha stage ends, but I assure you it will be worth it and the experience in handling the new systems you gain in playing the alpha version will be useful;so do consider participating!

Though it is not being worked on or released by Volkov, this is still the biggest update since V14, and if all goes well the game shall be huge again; thus keeping all you fans out there pleased and well entertained until UL can arrive and show you something even greater.

If you'd like to help FRR reach its public alpha stage sooner, as well as be launched into the state of greatness FR once held, please consider offering a donation to help fund its new website and forum.

Donations are strictly optional, this is a non-profit project, and all donations will go toward the website and forum. If you would like to donate, please page my key, or email me at [email protected], and we can discuss how to do so and how much you might like to donate.

Our total donation goal is $70, so any donation helps, and the $70 will provide us with a reliable website and forum that will be covered without fail for a full years time! If we do not reach it, fear not for it will simply delay the alpha, and lower the quality of the website and forum. If we do reach it, however, the launch will be far better and alpha should come up sooner!

More posts will come on the FR FB page, or here whenever updates about FRR are available; so keep your eyes open and be prepared!
good to hear you guys are making progress, good luck with it
In response to MechaCloud
Thanks. With any luck FRR will be a big summer hit, and UL will be a Fall or Winter release. That's just my goal, though. No release dates set for UL yet, and FRR Public Alpha will take at least a couple more days to be released maybe a bit longer; how that goes ultimately depends on our website and forum options.
I'm poor.
In response to Infancy
Then gtfo!

Heh, just kidding. We would be a lot better off if donations come through and we reach the $70 goal, but we're not so bad off that we cannot launch without them. Mentioning donations was by no means an act of desperation, like it often likely was in the past; so if people cannot donate then they simply cannot donate.

It'd just help, a lot.
i cant wait to start playing FR again. i have been logging on but i dont want to get too into training if theres going to be a big update.

cant wait to come back!
In response to NotS
It's actually down right now, so you couldn't train even if you wanted to, but the public alpha should be up sometime in the next couple of days or so if all goes well.

Don't hold me to that, though, because I thought it would be up today or yesterday but I keep thinking of more things you guys will want and/or need to have in before you'll be satisfied with testing. Hence the all goes well part.

The reason it's so soon is because I will likely just release it without the website or forum up yet, linking you guys via this and FB, and then just putting them up once donations or other plans come through.

Glad to see you back, though, and spread the word about FRR!
when the ul or fr is going on ?
In response to Kako_Pt2
Kako_Pt2 wrote:
when the ul or fr is going on ?

<.< I already explained about UL. As for FRR, there were some delays because of implementing transformations, but its almost ready. I'll reply later today when I know more about when I can host it.
I got a macbook, with bootcamp, so I'll try and play it, and suffer the battery life hit.
Ah, good. I hope you're able to make it. It's looking like I can get the important stuff done tonight, and run a quick private test session tomorrow to confirm a few things. If all goes well with the above, open alpha should be opening sometime tomorrow. I'll announce it on the FR FB as well as here when it does.

This means that the open alpha should be starting Sunday June 17th, but in the event something gets in the way then I suspect Monday June 18th should be the latest. I don't intend to try and implement buu absorb or planet namek until sometime during alpha, so I am thinking and hoping that we can avoid that delay. I know everyone has waited more than long enough for a change, and for this; so I am doing my best.
wurr da game at
In response to Infancy
Things did not go as planned at all. I wasn't even able to do the test run I wanted due to the tester having to go to work. However. I am working on it, and I'll reply with more info in about an hour or two; hopefully that info will include a join link.

I've added most of what I mentioned, I just keep thinking of more things it needs. FR is too big, heh.
hurri up
and u aint reply an its been 2 hrs. u da worst. wrst game ever!11
Stop with your trollin', lol. It shouldn't even be up tonight, but it will be because I am rushing like crazy due to players like you, and because of how eager people are to play.

I just finished adding in the first few monsters, a few minor bug fixes, some death/revival stuff, karma, various little but essential things/messages, and now I am adding in a couple of moderation features and a temporary way to unlock the first transformations until the permanent ways are added. After that, I should be able to host, so just be patient a little longer please.

Sorry for the wait.
Boo this man!

Despite how much it bugs me to do so what with wanting to hush you and such, I am delaying this until tomorrow, just as I said that I might have to last night.

It wouldn't be much like FR if it wasn't a pain in the butt, and guess what? It is being a major pain in the butt. Plus, it's so late now that most people won't be able to play until tomorrow anyway.

Gonna just use tonight to try to polish things up, and do some private testing.

Edit: By the way. I know the wait sucks, and I mean this towards anyone that reads this, but please don't get to bothered by this little incident because I am just now eating dinner. That is how hard I've been working. Didn't even stop to eat, lol. Bad luck just got in the way today, along with a lot of unexpected stuff.

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