Final Resurrection

by Volkov911
Final Resurrection
Do you think you have what it takes to achieve the Final Resurrection?
uh, i think im gonna like this
also thats some dumb trolling
In response to ShadowDragan
ShadowDragan wrote:
also thats some dumb trolling

I just decided to make a new key. #YOLO
That keys name is so long and crazy I'm tempted to ban it, heh. However. I'm actually replying to say, the alpha should be officially commencing... Now!


For anyone who does not know, simply open your pager, go to file > Open Location... Paste that link in, and click join. You should be able to bookmark it, too, if you want.
T___T BYOND wont let me add this game to my favs! I dont know why!

In response to NotS
It's not possible to do so with FR:R, and it may not be possible to do so with FR anymore either. In FR:R's case it is because there is not a hub, and in FR's case it would be because the hub is in rejected status.

You can use bookmarks, though.
can someone please send me the link to the new final resurrection redemption game.
In response to True-Onimusha
So.. you all know me as Mystic Outcast from a very old version of FR. Is this new game up and running? I'm bored.
Has FR closed down?
This edition has. It cannot be hosted anymore. FRR has had to take its place.
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