by Nategrant
The new Cowed version!
Current Owner: Nategrant
Retired Owners: Oasiscircle, W12W, and Yopi
Programmer(s): Nategrant, HXR_Wheaties
Pixel Artist(s): Nategrant
Retired Programmer(s): Oasiscircle
Retired Pixel Artist(s): Oasiscircle

This is a remake of Cow RP, we're not going to lie. We're not like other rips, we respect Cow RP, we take arguments and disputes between our staff and Cow RP's staff very seriously and mature. We respect Cow RP, being our inspiration.

We have full permission from Savaril to use all of his resources he created.
The list of currently used pixel art created by Savaril are:
*Upgraded Cow icon.
*Misc Wood Turfs

All other graphics and programming is completely original and was created by the staff of Cowed.
When is this game up?
I remember playing this game, and didn't like it that much. However, when I learned to RP properly, It got better. Good game.
Make it open sourced!