Project Malik

by DarkMoonProductions
Project Malik
A new original, fantasy-based MMORPG that will leave you amazed!

Project Malik is an upcoming full-fledged, original ORPG game coming to BYOND done in the Sword of Mana style.

The game sets place in a unmarked continent in a fictional world called Vateran. In this world a magical energy entices everything called Malik. Most technology is based off of it, most weapons even use it and they even affect humans. Many people use this to their advantage, gaining power to fulfill their needs while others use it to help others. Decide your destiny in this game.

  • A Wide Skilltree, allowing you to create different characters with different knowledge of skills.
  • Wide Detailed Maps, allowing players to explore into vast terrains and dungeons seeing some of the more adventurous parts of Vateran.
  • Interactive NPCs, making sure no player is lonely. These NPCs not only will tell you information about the game but can keep the town looking livelier than ever.
  • Balanced PvP Gameplay, giving players a feel that if they lost or won, that they did so fairly.
  • Cool-Ass Quests, Quests that'll keep you on the edge of your seat as you travel around in groups and parties killing any enemy you need to.
Wewt. Wut ever happened to closed testing?
looks crazy but cool
The graphics look original
Would love to help you guys out with this project.
I can't wait to play this game.
Thats my name IRL :)
Searching for Mapper for this game