Flesh and Drone

by ACWraith
Flesh and Drone
Create/control minions to destroy opposing daemons.
It's still missing sounds, but I uploaded a version of my daemonic wargame, Flesh and Drone, and added it to Fooldom Come.

For those who have not been reading my blog (or Tech Tree), Flesh and Drone is a game of tactics where players battle to be the last daemon standing. The catch is that they can't harm each other directly.

Instead, daemons must make use of 6 types of drones. Through the course of the game, daemons will have to decide whether to spend their blood modifying the relative strengths of drone types, ordering drones around, casting spells, or defending themselves. Daemons attacked by drones lose blood and are destroyed when they have less than 0 drops left.

For those who have been paying attention, I've recreated the old screenshots.

  • In the top-left corner, I've added highlights to the table of drone types. The power of the selected drone versus other drones is listed on the white horizontal line. The power of the other drones versus that drone is listed on the vertical red line.
  • The drone type table doubles as a means of choosing which type a daemon wishes to summon. Selecting a type now causes it's image to be used as the tab icon so the daemon doesn't have to flip back to check.
  • Some spells cause drones to remove multiple drops of blood when they attack daemons. The number of drops removed is now displayed on the top of each drone.
  • After players have taken their turns in the Battle phase, the shapes of their units are changed from circles to Xs.

  • In the top-left corner, the last winner now gets a shrine. BYOND Members have their avatar displayed along with an invite link to their blog. Non-members just get a default picture along with their name.
  • I got rid of the radio button in the Player options along with the labels that I used to cover them for non-subscribers. Now all of the spells are pushboxes with sunken borders added to the selections.
  • Multiple tab icons were changed to the small version of the game's banner. It's sort of filler, but the uniformity helps the Start tab stand out. (Speaking of the banners, they're new too.)

What's next? While I still have a few more new games in me, I'd like to concentrate on updates. For instance, I'd like to add sounds to Flesh and Drone, Gears & Peers, and GrimTunnel. I've also been thinking of creating a BYOND version of my boardgame, Genetic Fork, in order to help me gather testers before I offer the physical version on The Game Crafter.