Naruto: Eternal Memories

by Eternal_Memories
Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
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Hi, i got some ideas:
1. change/add others deidara birds, or make that player who donate got other bird when playing deidara:
2. add some katon attacks/change:
3. add to tsunade sumon slug: scaled.php?server=803&filename=narutospritestsunadespr.png&r es=landing
4. i finded weapons sprites u can add/change wepons to game,
5. add to some chracters water/ice jutsus: And/:
6. u can use addon of itachi:
7. add 1 hokage:
8. add doton jutsus to 1 hokage/some others characters:
9. add some new yamato jutsu/ remade yamato sheet in game: yamatostormch9kc6.png
10. add something from this karin sheet if u wanan:
11.Add Raiga:
12.Add Darui:
13. Add Zetsu:
14. U add kakashi kid, why dont add Rin?
15. Add Anko:
16. Very intresing naruto Add some jutsu/rechange naruto sheet in game:
17. Add soemthing from this konan/remake sheet of konan in game: konanfullsheetbymattfvd.png/
18. add Anbu with sword: anbuspritesheetzu6.png/ And:/
19. Add kid Jiraya for donators: kidjiraya2rasenganokle0.png/
20. Add kaabuto non shippuden: 8e9afbf6249c69a8663d011.png/
21. Add old Tsuchikage:
22. Add Shisui
23. Add obito char for donators: obitospritesheetbyvicto.png/