Soul Eater

by Dbar910
Soul Eater
Work in progress - In Need Of GFXers, Iconners (Pixel Artist if you will), and ppl for other things---New Name Needed

Stat Caps

Here at the stat caps for each Class/Rank

Meister Stat Caps
One Star Techinican - 100 All stats
Two Star Technician - 200 All Stats
Three Star Techinican - 300 All Stats
Four Star Technician - 400 All Stats
Five Star Techinican - 500 All Stats

Witch Stat Caps
Caster - 200 All stats
Sorceress - 400 All Stats
Summoner - 600 All Stats

Black Blood
User - 425 All stats

Stage 1 Rank - 400 All stats
Stage 2 Rank - 700 All stats
Stage 3 Rank - 1000 All stats


Donating is not a requirement to play the and you can access all the games features even if you don't donate but all this means is we will be able to afford a shell server and have a much less laggy room for some of the dedicated players

Open again man I want play
yo host pls
game sucks and so does the owner!
pls can you open a server????
this game needs to come back on XD
i can host if ya need :)...and if u dont want the game send me the source i'll fix the bugs and update it xD
ill host free of charge no gm enforcer any of that ill just host >:0
I Can Be AN Enforcer Ill Be Good Help In Game.

(But Im Still 11 yrs. old So I Cant Do Like Coding Mapping etc.)
we want game back up please D:
Seriously, if you need a host just pm me ill do it anytime i can host when im not at school or doing stuff, anytime pretty much exept if my comp just restarts or somethign but im pretty sure i can host 24/7.
He's never one so probaly working on game meaning he probaly will never see our post D:. Thats very agravating.
Right But Ill Still Apply For GM
I forgot all about the game XD. I sorta stop playing byond a while ago. I'll put it up soon.
Excuse me. I'm an iconner here in Byond.(Albeit a fairly New one) If you need me on your team just say it and I'll be happy to help.
XD cant wait till its up
Can i get the source to the game i am makign my own soul eater game and id like to collect as many soul eater sources as i can i have two already but they are both shitty to be frank
do yourself a favor and start from scratch on everything instead of using other sources. It will help you learn better and probably be better than any collected source in the long run.

and the game will be up soon guys just got to find it and a host and then send away.
Still working on the game??
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