Bleach: Memories of Nobody

by NeroKashi189
Bleach: Memories of Nobody
Imagine taking a step in a world of sheer and conquer!
Somehow the server crashed over and over. Am trying to fix it as fast as I can.
I feel like I'm being a douche now. XD I <3 you Fusheh :D
Not the crashing problem =o
Oh Noes! :O
I found the bug and fixed it along with the "Quick Who" in the interface.
Game is avaiable again.
since Ultima was being mean i figured i'd post some problems on here:
1.) the squad changer is still broken.
2.)Zabimaru dies when you hit him once. (renji bankai)
3.) when you go talking to full fledge shini teacher over and over, you can keep joining families as often as you want.
Okay and Thanks. I will look over it in a bit, i'm busy at the moment.

I hope i finally fix it so we all enjoy :)
new people to the game, did i mention: Fusheh (Neo) rapes? and is teh shiz? :P
Neo, I think shinji and hisagi zans have an extremely difficult time mastering. And I made a vai, I noticed that taking your mask off forcefully, that your strength can go to like 15%. With a shikai you can turn it on and off then it will hit in the -185%~. I also was able to get 865% of my base strength by letting the time run out and turning it on again over and over.
Okay, thank you. I'll look over it.

EDIT: It's fixed now, I will host the game in order to see if it stills bugged.
So Neo, how does a shinji/hisagi master their zan?
Please post all your suggestions on the forums >_>

PS. Quincy punch state needs to be fixed.

EDIT: Fushi let me make a Better forums please.
Why is the game down?
Trying to suppose what's causing a Bug in the Login proc.
Oh okay, when do you think this problem will be solved and when will the game be back up?
I don't really know, but there may be more than a week.
Sometimes it pisses me off when i sign onto Byond, and the game is not up.
Is the game going to be up today, or tomorrow at least for the weekend?
Game will be up later today
Is it going to be up today, or tomorrow?
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