Bleach: Memories of Nobody

by NeroKashi189
Bleach: Memories of Nobody
Imagine taking a step in a world of sheer and conquer!
everyone just give up on the game?
I think they did give up on the game, but I did not give up and I won't give up; because i love the game and it is a great game so I don't know why it keeps being down and not being worked on an all this stuff.
well, Ssmg, Fushi quit byond.
WELL, If a miracle happens and Fushi logs on MSN and gives me the source, I will try to revive BMoN.
Holy shit O.o am I seeing things, or is this game actually up...<3
Yes and if u advertise this again on my game im gonna personly ass rape u
Nobody advertised this game on 'your' game? Get the hell over it. Be all big and bad you want, it doesn't help.
Nero's Message - I'm Goin' Through A Bunch Of stuff So That's Why I Have been Gone, I Really don't Know When I Will Be Back, Just Remember I Love U guys and I Will Try to return As Soon As possible, and Sorry Again guys For Leaving, It's Not My fault... -Nero
hey nero dude i love ur games do whatever it is you have to do, just know that you have fans backing you up
well nero i hope you dont change much cause this game was pretty awesome ^^ but still do your job and do it right, also reminder listen to z3's advice...:]
DivineBeast15 wrote:
Yes and if u advertise this again on my game im gonna personly ass rape u

Go ahead a bunch of penis and eat them up without even taking a breath, because you fail as bad as a 100 Year old guy who tried to jump from there house.(Sorry, typical spanish joke :B)

Even before talking shit, make sure you are correct, otherwise you'll look as ridiculous as now.

Nero, i don't now if you're going to get online once again in a time, but if you do, as soon as you see this message, please remove the current Hub Screenshots. I will Upload a new ones and post them here, so you can put those ones in it.
Dude plsss unban me im sorry for what i have done and ill promise not to do anything stupid and ill icon for u
99.9% Of the Credit Goes To Fushi For The Coding Lol, Thank Him Not Me, Without Fushi, Bmon Would Still Be Dead!
We miss you too Nero :D
*humps nero and fushi* o.o
Plsss Unban me Dude ill promise to be a good byond player
Make a ban appeal on forums.
All Bans have been lifted.
:O! Fushi Y U GO HAVE MERCY >;[
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