Bleach: Memories of Nobody

by NeroKashi189
Bleach: Memories of Nobody
Imagine taking a step in a world of sheer and conquer!

Edit: Comment 60 ftw! ;3
Still Don't Know When I Will Be Back, But When I Do I Will Let You Guys Know A.S.A.P., And To Neo, LOL!, I Think You got to Be a Member To Do The ScreenShots, idk, I Tried Tho.
Hurry the fuck up and come back D:!!!

I miss you <3
Hikari-Maya - Public Relationship (Co-Owner)

this sucks everyone is on whern im at work i cant wait till i get out ima get shikai :D

- Axel FTW
LMAO So hard Haha, Im Weak AF Off that Lol, Miss U Too Ultima Lol =D, I Got My Cell With Me At All Times So Peeps Hmc Lolz.
You should know Maya blocked me because I trolled her SO hard.

So who cares about Noobya.
You shall be happy, you don't need to talk to she never ever =D
Comment #69 FTW :D
LOL! Wow, You guys Are Mean.
Orly? D:
NeroKashi189 wrote:
LOL! Wow, You guys Are Mean.
Get on msn you meany D:
I'll Try A.S.A.P Carlaaaaa <3 :(
NeroKashi189 wrote:
I'll Try A.S.A.P Carlaaaaa <3 :(

i think i deleted your msn XD so add me as a friend :S
Nah ur Mean To Me Q.Q,,, Wtf happened to Everyone, 0 Players Online, Wtf Lol?
Nero you should of come back D:!
can i be a member of staff
Been trying, still dont know if u can...
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