Bleach: Memories of Nobody

by NeroKashi189
Bleach: Memories of Nobody
Imagine taking a step in a world of sheer and conquer!
Sorry I got some issues with my connection and I won't be able to Host or even get online in a while. Sorry for the inconveniences, I will get a host tommorrow so you guys can still play.
No need, I will host test version for now to keep the players occupied.
U guys must be wondering why such fucking cool game have so fell people playing it??? Usually this happens with BYOND games that the comunity that plays it sucks. (thats not the case here) This game have fell people playing because the owner is abusive and have the mental age of a prematurial Hamster fetus. So if wondering if u should spent ur time playing it... Give up!! Its not worth. Some day King shit will ban u for not doing what he wants. (lol what u could expect of 12 years old spoiled brat that calls himself a troll???) And to finish, I think that if u going to donate a penny to this game ur more retarded than this game owner. Now go look for other BYIND game that is worth ur time
Now, you stay banned.

And if I see you in game again i'm going to computer ban you.
King_LiOnZ wrote:
Now, you stay banned.

And if I see you in game again i'm going to computer ban you.

LoL Don cry litle troll. i swear u wont see me in the game anymore now stop crying ok?? See u like this tears my heart apart, specially since ur so professional. Now ure better??!! U have my word I swear.
Then Gtfo and stop commenting on my hub.
Oh....!! Let me make ur words mine (promisse u wont cry): "U mad??!!"
Why do you keep coming back? I thought you quit forever.
can we not all get along???
I can host if needed.
i have a good host for this game i would only need files please cuz i like this game
can you please put the game back online
Game is currently going under a huge update. Please have patience.
It is? =O
It is???
whens the game coming back on?

remember when i got host banned for spam killing

good times

gooood times
Bmon, I Want you To Come Back, Your Dead, BMON NEEDS A DOCTOR,! Who's Trying To Help me Bring Bmon Back???
In response to NeroKashi189
this game really does need to come back
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