Digimon Revolution

by Goukaryuu
Digimon Revolution
Choose your starter digimon, level up, digivolve, fight with other players in arena and defeat all the bosses. More to come. Now online, hosted every day!
is it on
i want to play i have a greymon to evolve
Well, sorry people.

We have some problems with our VPS now, it'll be fixed soon I hope.
by soon you mean how many days
Hey guys! Sorry I wasn't on for a awhile. I had a problom with my sistem. (I mean human body system) But i'm fine now! Ready to play!
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The screenshots looks good. But when I logged in as a player. I was confused on where I was going or what to do. I just went up and spawned in this village. As a owner of this game you must think of yourself as a player and make a tutorial on how the game works,techs,fighting,etc. See yourself as a player when you log in your game and try to see what makes the player want to come on your game everyday. Make it fun and simple. When player gets confused on a game there too lazy to read guides and they just log off.
is a good game
I like the game but maybe reduce the amount of data you need to get a Mega Lv3 or make it like before you reach Mega where you don't get as many .1's back to back when you are mega and up. For example i have gotten 9 .1's back to back and then 2 .3's and then back to the .1's.
this game is awesome like it very much would love to see it grow to much more.
Cool the server is on, is the game back alive?
i dont understand why the special items were never brought into the game... ill def come back to play this if it ever updates again.
Hey Goukaryuu for how much do you intend on selling Digimon Revolution source?
wait... seriously? I'll buy it!
but... im broke x.x
Heh I'll probably be able to afford it :D
Once he tells us how much he will sell it for
Josh give the game to MasterDX666 so he can give us back the unique gems that you coded out of the core game
thanks for fixing the lag
when will this game be playable cause i'm a huge fan of it cause i loved collecting Digivices and playing the digimon games just like i do with pokemon
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