Digimon Revolution

by Goukaryuu
Digimon Revolution
Choose your starter digimon, level up, digivolve, fight with other players in arena and defeat all the bosses. More to come. Now online, hosted every day!
Hmm Once again you cant play it -_- and im already mega to bad the game has to restart
K is this game goind to get a serverand whenif not ill leave waiting list please help
It will get back as soon as that will be possible.
Got back home after 6 months. I had been using a mac so I Wasnt able to do much about this, Im sorry guys. I think I fixed the problem and will host for a while until we find a more permanent host... Bare with me I have a limited connection
Im working on getting some new icons into the game for some digimons who didnt have any previously.... I'll probably finish by tomorrow... My time right now 3 am
well its been down for awhile really close to a month, just don't see how it can be down this long usually updates are done during then compiled so its only down for a few seconds or 30minutes but I'm guessing byond is different but i still don't see how an update can last this long
I wasnt the one handling the server Jalix... Its down for who knows what reasons... I left that responsibility to DX while I was on my mac... I just got back and Im working on it again
eh all ik is when i was playing it there was usually tons of lag and it wud shutdown for long periods of time then it just never came back on lol
pls host it
.> why is this restricted
please i want play but is restriced
:( I want to play as well.
lol now they took it down smh
it had to come down seeing is my computer was acting up and i had to leave when my comptuer is fixed i can put it back up
this game needs quests!
The game'd be a lot better with the bugs fixed, bu it was pretty awesome back when I used to play it....so it should still be pretty good.
dang just my luck when i see its finally up i play for 5min then back down :(
when is it going to open i cant wait till i play
Game is online every day, just not whole day.
i didnt even know i was supposed to ask to do a quest. could i plz be unbanned. no1 told me not to enter the quest :(
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