Pokemon Shadow Realm

by Kjenn
Pokemon Shadow Realm
A fun new Pokemon Game
Finally Got the Game up looking for a good Coder
Owner: Ray da G and Kjenn
Co.Owner: StewiexGriffin
Head Admin/Coder:(Open)
Admin/Iconner: Rit(Ritachi)
Admin:Alli (Herrelson1120)
GM2Jorey(Onyx 095)
GM1:Elmer Fudd

No Spamming
No Trolling
Do Not Ask for Gm
No Advertising
No Harrassing other players
No Fighting in OOC
English in OOC

All Org Leaders can be challenged by their Grunts or Luts The Battle must be Witnessed by Ray Da G or Kjenn if is not then it doesnt count

Aqua Leader (Kjenn)

Magma Leader (Open)lvl 300 3 Fire Pokemon minimum

Hunter Leader (Open) lvl 300 3 Pokemon minimum

Galactic Leader (Open)lvl 300 3 Pokemon minimum

Rocket Leader (Open) lvl 300 3 Poison Pokemon minimum

Ranger Leader (Open) lvl 300 3 Pokemon minimum

Gym Leaders

Rock Cap (75) (Open)

Water (100) (Open)

Fire (195) (Open)

Ghost (250)(Open)


Ice (325) (Open)

Earth (385) (Open)

Dragon (425)(Open)

Elite 4 Req Lvl 700
1 Ice (Open)

#2 Dark (Open)

#3 Flying (Open)

#4 Dragon (Open)