Knights of the Zodiac Adventure(Remake Demo)

by TheDarkChakra
Knights of the Zodiac Adventure(Remake Demo)
Join Seiya and the others in their quest to stop Master and protect Athena!
This is the Remake Demo. Please let me know if I should create this game into a full game on the forums and/or support my game here please:
Hey i've seen the anime and never thought anyone would be willing to make this a game. add my email so that i can help you out.
I sent you an email. Do you have instant messengers?
Hello Friends I am a fan of this BigSe ries, I'ma graphic designer & I would love to work with this great game this is my mail
Hopefully I can move forward.
is your email or, would assist in the management game the basic principles and intermediate Photoshop, if you are interested contact me to mail, I repeat, my email is
I can also help if you need hosting the Game My Internet is 3.4 MBps
I can TRY to do some mapping. Im not lazy at it :O
sadly this game went offline its a series that i personally like very much and was expecting to be a great game
It might come back soon
Im actually makin a saint seiya game myself. i got a custom base and custom made cloths and I was hopin would u b intrested in combinin wit me?
Im not sure