by Zete
An Online Turn-Based Strategy RPG - Play as a Team!
I really want this game to come back up.
its being worked on right now XD should be back soon
icant wait to see mega sharpedo :P
i wonder if anyone remember my sharkpedo
Enjoy the new update, we've wiped for the last time!
Are fairy types in? I might pick my STAB Play rough huge power azumarill <3
In response to Kevin208
Woo, this is a bit of a late response but I suppose everyone just keeps their eyes on forum/in-game chatting nowadays

But to answer your question, yes, Fairy type is in.
wut happen to the game?
:/ dam miss this game
i wish dis came back
i miss my larvitar egg
XD never got my gastly egg which was sad
hey you need better marketing.
you can easily beat pokemon-planet and make more money.
nice game.
will dis game ever be back
Kinda miss this game :(
i do to hopefully in future it will come back :[
Yeah same :(
inb4 in spring it might come back
Its sad to see that this game is down...
Man... I REALLY do miss playing this game. :(

'Twas fun while it lasted though.
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